What do we work for?

  • Protecting the rights and liberties of prisoners and providing that these rights and liberties are compatible with human dignity and universal values
  • Mobilizing the support of local and international civil society in order to maintain that the conditions in Turkey’s prisons meet international standards of accordance with human rights and human dignity
  • Obtaining transparency in the prison system and strengthening its connections with civil society
    or ‘vulnerable’ prisoners- such as LGBTI, disabled, elderly, foreign, women, child, or sick prisoners, those sentenced to aggravated imprisonment for life, workers and students in prison; carrying special works to protect the rights of these groups of prisoners and to meet their needs
  • Empowering prisoners and their families so that prisoners know and enjoy their rights, and are able to protect themselves against violations of rights
  • Providing that civil society and academy are informed about various groups of prisoners and include them in their studies
  • Working with local and international volunteers to enhance the experience of persons who carry out, or will carry out, academic or professional works on/within the penal system
  • Creating awareness and sensitivity on prisons through efficient use of written, visual and social media
  • Monitoring whether the state fulfills its duties and responsibilities regarding rights, providing solutions to any structural problems noticed, and extending these solutions
  • Raising awareness on the situation of prisoners with special needs –also called ‘disadvantaged’
  • Helping the society to accept prisoners as agents with rights and to be informed about their living conditions
  • With due consideration of the conditions and experiences of the offended, contributing to the implementation of alternative sanctions to imprisonment which serves to restorative justice and supports social integration; sustaining efforts to prevent offenses, thus helping to reduce the use of imprisonment.