Student in Prison Theme

Student in Prison theme has the goal of making arrested or convicted individuals, who wants to continue their education which got interrupted in any level of the education system, heard and pave the way for an opportunity they may claim their right to education.

Prisoners who arrested while they are students who want to continue their education and the ones who continue their education in prison and get into a university through the exams they take have serious problems. Tuition fees, stationery costs and in addition to these travel fees for the exams that they have to take in their schools are demanded from these people who have no means. One of the goals of the work that is conducted is about making prisoners be able to enjoy their right to education and while doing that it also aims for raising consciousness among the prisoners about standing up regarding their rights and paving the way for rights advocacy for them.

Civil Society in Penal System Association(CİSST) constituted a platform that includes other non govermental organizations and named Student in Prison Network with a goal to enable every prisoner’s access the right to education equally.