General Statistics

According to the latest* figures, there are 329.151 convicts in 272 prisons, of which  99 are open prisons, 4 are juvenile reformatories,11 are women’s closed prisons, 8 are women’s open prisons, and  are closed juvenile prisons. The total capacity of the prisons is 295.328.

70.626 prisoners stay in open prisons and 258.525 prisoners stay in closed prisons. 282.709 prisoners are convicted, while 46.442 are pretrial detainees.

There are 200 LGBTI+around 11.345 foreign prisoners, There are 269 prisoners with disabilities in prisons: 19 with speech and language disabilities,  42 with visual disabilities, 28 with hearing disabilities, 18 with hearing and speech disabilities and 162 with orthopedic disabilities while 1.453 prisoner aggravated lifers. 4.379 of the prisoners are over 65 years old.

The number of prisoners who can continue their education is 39,519 and there are 60,767 prisoners who have been insured professionally.

2.983 children between the age of 12 -18 are kept in prisons, of which 140 are girls. The number of children between 0-6 ages staying with their mother is 552 among 13.819 female prisoners.

In addition, the subsistence allowance for prisoners who do not have health problems was announced as 50 TL, , and for women staying with their children aged 0-6 from 75 TL.

The number of prisoners who lost their lives in prisons of Turkey was 107 in 201995 in 2020 and 128 in 2021 and 101 in 2022

İThese figures have been taken from different sources at different dates due to a lack of publicly available data. As a result, there are some discrepancies between the figures.