Disabled in Prison Theme

Disabled in Prison Theme has the goal of minimizing the obstacles and hardships of disabled individuals, whose participation in the social life is made difficult even outside of disciplinary institutions, while fulfilling the needs relating to their disability
Within this framework, Disabled in Prison Theme monitors, reports and advocates for prison environments’ accessibility for disabled prisoners and prevent the right violations faced by disabled prisoners with an awareness of disabled prisoners’ accessibility to social rights are one of the most important human right issues.

Disabled in Prison theme continues its work with a goal to raise awareness and right advocacy by means like lobbying, interviewing, publishing news resources that include disability in prisons and methods as correspondence with prisoners, disabled-friendly institution, collaboration with establishments and associations, asking parliamentary questions and demanding legal change.

Civil Society in Penal System Association(CİSST) constituted a platform that includes different non govermental organizations and named Disabled in Prison Network to announce and resolve the right violations of disabled prisoners.

CİSST constituted a platform named Foreigners in Prison Network with a goal to announce and solve the right violations experienced by foreign prisoners.