Child in Prison Theme

Child in Prison Theme carries work in regards to children who are imprisoned due to their own judicial cases and aged between 12-18 or children who are imprisoned due to their mothers’ cases and aged between 0-6. It advocates that legislation and enforcement of it should have its grounds on the rights of a child which is guaranteed by international conventions.

Its goal is shutting down children prisons since it does not have a restorative aspect in the judiciary and evaluation of alternative measures with regards to psycho-social states and the needs of children. Until reaching this goal it offers suggestions to the regulations that are enacted without considering the rights and needs of a child due to s/he being a child and make human rights applications in the case of a violation.

Civil Society in Penal System Association(CİSST) constituted a platform including different non-governmental organizations and named Child in Prison Network with a goal to announce and resolve right violations of child prisoners. This network participates in interdisciplinary discussions with the other platforms that it’s in solidarity with and does rights-based advocacy based on children in the penal system.

CİSST is also a member of the Joint Network for Preventing Violence against Children and Initiative to Shut Down Children Prisons.