Aggravated Life Sentence

Aggravated Life Sentence in Prison Theme, has goals such as monitoring and evaluating, human rights advocacy, raise awareness in public and mobilizing relevant non-governmental organizations in particular to prisoners who are serving an aggravated life sentence.

Aggravated life sentence has become the most severe punishment in the Republic of Turkey by replacing capital punishment in 2002. This sentence, whose execution conditions include severe human rights violations in regards to the international agreements Turkey be a part of, finds a very limited space in the public opinion.

According to the statistics declared by the Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses in 2014, there were “total 1453 convicts, 126 of these were convicted of crimes related to terror and organized crime and 1327 of these were ordinary crimes”. The number of aggravated life convicts are unknown after these five years.

Aggravated Lie Sentence in Prison Network is a platform that is founded in 2015 by Civil Society in Penal System Association(CİSST) with a goal to assemble people and institutions who work in this field, mutually sharing experience and form a common ground for acting together.